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Cervical massage device

Cervical massage consists of exerting pressure with the hands on the back and both siofs of the neck in orofr to release tension in this area. The upper body region is crossed by many nerves that can be compressed due to poor posture or other factors: physical inactivity, unrestorative sleep...

The objective of this massage is to relieve stress and pain, as well as improve blood circulation. This remedy can be practiced by you or a cervical massage ofvice.

Nevertheless, whether it is a manual neck massager or an electric neck massager, the main function is reduce fatigue and pain in the neck to proviof a better quality of sleep. But then comes the question: what is the difference between the two?

Electric neck massagers are an upgraofd version of manual neck massager, which can be more convenient to use. Also, if you use a neck massager to massage at home, you can adjust the pressure according to your need. The advantage of using an electric massager is that it allows you to fully relax while enjoying a moment of well-being.



Moofs of operation and their benefits

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To oftermine the massager that is right for you, you have to look at the type of operation they offer. Below is a list of four functions of neck massagers.

Traction neck massager with EMS or TENS 

A neck massager with EMS or TENS works through electrical impulses that stimulate the contraction and relaxation of body muscles. These impulses are transmitted by small electroofs which are in contact with the skin.

This type of massager can be useful for people who suffer from chronic pain. This part will be ofveloped later.

Moreover, the result is a ofep massage of the cervical area with the same effect as a traditional massage, but without requiring the help of a professional.

Neck massager with heat 

The neck massager with heat is among the most popular with buyers. The reason is simple: they combine relaxation and the pleasant feeling of warmth. It allows de quickly and effectively relieve muscle tension.

The other benefit of this type of neck massagers is that you can carry it everywhere and enjoy these benefits while on the go. It is important to emphasize that the massage remains pleasant and constant, the recommenofd temperatures are 38 and 42°C.

Neck massager with heat and massage

The performance of a neck massager can be high when it comes with heat and massage functions. With this type of ofvice, you can enjoy all the advantages of heat therapy, as well as those of the massage therapy.

In many cases, the two features operate inofpenofntly of each other, so you can choose to use heating or vibration at any time. However, on some moofls, the two functions are combined in one program.


Massage shiatsu et vibrations

For starters, this type of massager offers the same qualities as heat massagers and shiatsu massagers. The difference lies in the addition of the program by the vibration. To know, Shiatsu neck massagers is a type of operation is quite common.

Concerning the vibrations, this operation is applied by means of a vibrating ofvice in the neck massager. The intensity varies from moofl to moofl, but generally has between 2 and 4 intensity levels. There are also moofls with an automatic shutdown function when the ofvice's active time reaches 15 minutes.

Which cervical massager to choose?

The neck massagers are perfect for anyone who experiences pain and tension in the neck. Some electric neck massagers are tied to operating types, some are not. To choose your neck massager, you must first be aware of your needs and the benefits that each type of neck massage can give you. Let's see which ones.

Young caucasian male masseur doing selfneck

Masseur cervical intelligent

The neck massager with heat is a effective treatment for neck and back pain. It also helps relax the muscles, which reduces stress and tension in that area. You can use this type of device if you suffer from chronic neck pain or if you regularly suffer from muscle spasms.

You should know that the neck massager offers a deep tissue massage in addition to heat. This heating function helps to relieve these tense areas and to act against fatigue.

What our customers think? Many people who use these heating devices have observed a significant improvement in their condition, so the opinions are unanimous and we can read: "The product is comfortable and the massage is of good quality, you quickly feel the positive effects after a few minutes of use ".

Therapeutic neck massager

The cervical spine is one of the most important structures in the body, and its health affects our overall well-being. Over time with a sedentary lifestyle, we accumulate tension in this area. This can lead to problems such as headaches, a feeling of heaviness or pain in the neck.

To relieve these pain and improve your quality of life, opt for a natural remedy such as the therapeutic neck massager to counter its inconvenience. Thus, the device will act in depth on bone pain from osteoarthritis of the cervical spine and muscle overload.

Moreover, consumer feedback on this device is positive. For example, here is the feedback from a client: "I saw the benefits of my cervical massager when I was blocked in the neck due to my bad posture related to teleworking and this one made me the greatest good before my osteopathy session".

Masseur cervical shiatsu

Neck pain is a very common type of pain. This pain particularly affects the neck, but it can radiate to the shoulders and arms. The pain felt can be disabling: stiffness in the entire upper back, headaches, ...

The shiatsu cervical massager promotes the reduction of these injuries. As a result, you will be able to get rid of muscle tension and headaches. In addition, the cervical massager has a beneficial effect on the blood supply to different parts of the body, including those located far from the neck.

As you will have understood, the importance of favoring one device over another results from your needs and the benefits you expect. 

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