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Insomnia: 4 natural remedies for better sleep

5 min read


Sleeping is an essential moment of our day, and an essential action to be in good health. This is the time when our body rests, recharges the batteries, and eliminates toxins. On average, an adult sleeps 7 to 8 hours per night, or 2,800 hours or 118 days per year! 😮

Not getting enough sleep or suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia can therefore have harmful effects on our health, and lead to significant disturbances. 

How to fight insomnia? What is the recommended sleep duration? What remedy to use to sleep? In this article, we give you 4 natural remedies to sleep better, fight insomnia, and find a healthy sleep cycle. 😴

The dangers of lack of sleep on the body

It is well known that when you sleep poorly, you spend the following day in a bad mood, with less energy, difficulty concentrating, and it is even possible to suffer from dizziness, dizziness or headaches. Also, sleeping badly or not sleeping enough for a long time can cause serious damage to our body and mind, and damage our health.

A weaker health 

Rest is one of the most effective solutions for a healthy immune system.Even after a bad night, it is possible to see your immune defenses drop and therefore be more likely to catch a cold or a virus than someone who has slept better than us. According to a study  led by theCarnegie Mellon University, sleeping less than seven hours a night can increase the chances of catching a cold threefold. 🤧

effets nefastes sante insomnie

A higher risk of eating disorders

Untimely snacking often happens in a situation of stress, boredom, or fatigue, to regain some energy. However, research indicates a correlation between lack of sleep and the choice of richer or fatty foods as well as the taking of larger portions. Why ? Because the lack of sleep would disturb satiety but would open the appetite: we would therefore always have this desire to snack without feeling complete satiety.Ultimately, a chronic lack of sleep can have harmful effects on health, such as diabetes, cholesterol and even obesity. 

A higher mortality risk

Whether we slept badly one night or the lack of sleep is chronic, fatigue impacts our ability to concentrate and can be dangerous, especially while driving.In France, fatigue is the 3rd cause of death after alcohol intake and speeding, representing 9% of deaths on the entire road network and 18% of deaths on the motorway. 🚘

In addition to accidents caused by fatigue, a lack of rest over the long term disrupts the body and can increase the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes, certain types of cancer, and the risk of heart disease. 

As you will have understood, a chronic lack of sleep can be harmful to your health, your well-being and your physical appearance. Fortunately, there are many natural and simple remedies to put in place to regain a normal and peaceful sleep cycle. 

Tip n°1: Eat better to sleep better

alimentation sommeil leger

Food is largely responsible for the proper functioning of our body and mind. And for sleep, it plays a very important role! 

A diet that is too rich, too fatty, and in too large quantities, can cause digestive disorders which then prevent us from sleeping well.Eating light in the evening is therefore recommended by many scientists and doctors to put our body to rest before sleeping. 

Soup, salad, fish, meat and vegetables: many healthy dishes exist for a light dinner and better sleep. 🥦 🐟 🐄 🍓 In general, it is recommended to avoid foods that are difficult to digest, such as legumes, red peppers, or foods that are too fatty.

Staying well hydrated also affects sleep. Verbena and chamomile, for example, are ideal natural infusions, since they have sedative and relaxing properties. 🍵

Tip #2: Use Relaxing Essential Oils

A few drops of lavender on your pillow, and you will feel the difference!Lavender essential oil has been used since time immemorial to promote better sleep and relaxation.If you don't have essential oil, you can also place small sachets of lavender under your pillow during the day and remove them at night, to have a pillow impregnated with a sweet floral scent that will help you fall asleep. 😴

Tip 3: Magnetic therapy as a solution to sleep disorders

Magneto-therapy has been used by Chinese medicine for millennia to restore the energetic harmony of the body. Placed on specific meridians, the magnets will help circulate fluids to rebalance the energy flow of the body, and allow us to be in better shape.

The Magnet-Relax Eye Massager uses magnetic vibration fields to massage specific acupuncture points around the eyes and on the temples. This helps our face to relax lastingly, and to rest tired eyes after a long day. Immersed in a state of intense relaxation, the body quickly frees itself from the effects of stress, and relaxes its muscles. Effective in the fight against migraines, the Magnet-Relax Eye Massager thus helps to maintain a lasting feeling of well-being which promotes sleep and improves sleep quality. It is particularly the ideal accessory to prevent chronic insomnia!

Discover the Magnet-Relax Eye Massager 

Magnetotherapie lutte insomnie

Tip 4: Relax with a neck and cervical massager

The neck and cervical represent a sensitive area of the body, which very often accumulates the physical and emotional tensions that we go through. During a bad night, a bad position can lead to a blockage of the neck and cervical which can last several days and affect sleep over time. 

Also, to spend a peaceful night, a neck and cervical massager helps to relax your muscles and immerse you in a state of intense relaxation.Based on the Japanese Shiatsu massage technique,  the Magnet-Zen massage cushion effectively treats back and neck pain, and acts in depth on pain.

Thanks to 4 massage balls and several more or less strong intensity modes, the Magnet-Zen Shiatsu Massage Cushion quickly unblocks your neck and cervical spine, and helps you free yourself from accumulated physical and emotional tension. An adjustable strap allows you to position the cushion over multiple parts of your back and body to deeply massage each area you wish to treat. 💆‍♀

A heating function even allows you to benefit from the effects of the massage with a pleasant and relaxing diffused heat, whichparticularly helps to promote sleep and reduce stress.

Masseur Cou et Cervicales Magnet Perfect

But that's not all ! Another revolutionary ally can help you overcome your neck and cervical blockages.The Magnet-Perfect Neck and Cervical Massager  is an intelligent therapeutic massager that works through magnetic pulses to untie muscle knots and reduce cervical fatigue.  

The massager's magnets will act on specific acupuncture points, which will help restore harmony throughout the body. Not only does the Magnet-Perfect Massager act on your neck and cervical blockages, but it helps you overall to relax your body and reduce your stress.Used daily, it is the ideal ally to free yourself from tension and prepare your body for sleep. 

And it's proven! A tension-free body and a neck free from blockages helps you relax completely when you fall asleep, and promotes deeper sleep. Similarly, if a bad position during sleep creates blockages when you wake up, the Neck and Cervical Magnet-Perfect massager helps you feel better quickly, and frees your neck and your cervical from the blockage.Ergonomic, practical and easy to use, the Magnet-Perfect Neck and Cervical Massager will become your best ally for a more serene sleep!

Discover  the Magnet-Zen Shiatsu Massage Cushion and  Magnet-Perfect Neck and Cervical Massager


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