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How to stimulate collagen production naturally?

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Beautiful skin and collagen do not go without each other. Naturally present in the body, collagen is a protein responsible for the elasticity and tone of the skin, and therefore helps us fight against aging. In order to reduce dark circles, fill in wrinkles and maintain radiant skin, it is recommended to “boost your collagen production”. Yes, but how to do it?

Hydration, the key to toned and radiant skin

The body of an adult woman is made up of approximately 55% water and the body of an adult man contains approximately 60%. Water is therefore an essential element of our body, and helps us not only to be healthy but also to appear healthy! 💦

Collagen, our body's natural glue, helps us to have healthy nails, hair, and skin, and hydration plays a key role in its renewal. If you are dehydrated, it can impact the shine of your hair and skin. And you don't need a thousand beauty products to have plump and radiant skin: above all, you just need to be hydrated from the inside!

Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day will help you keep your body hydrated and take care of your skin. If you have difficulty drinking as much water, certain fruits and vegetables naturally rich in water are recommended in your diet: watermelon, melon, cucumber, tomato… 🍉🍅

Plates rich in natural collagen

Water and water-rich fruits aren't the only elements in your diet that will help you naturally boost your collagen. Vitamins and minerals can also impact its presence in your body, and a deficiency will notably lead to a drop in natural collagen.

In order to take care of it, remember to include in your diet foods rich in vitamin C (citrus fruits, red fruits, peppers, aromatic herbs, plain cereals), in zinc (seafood, red meat , cheese, egg yolk) and vitamin E (oilseeds, avocado, vegetable oils). These vitamins and minerals will help your body naturally produce collagen, while neutralizing the free radicals responsible for its destruction.

Self-massage to boost collagen production

Self-massage is one of the most effective ways to improve the tone and elasticity of your skin naturally. Thanks to very precise massage gestures, you will be able to reduce the appearance of your dark circles and wrinkles, stimulate the blood microcirculation in your face, and have smoother skin. 💆‍♀

Instead of doing these massages (which can take time and need to be regular to work), you can try a massage eye mask that will do it for you.

How does a massage mask work?

The  Magnet-Relax Eye Massager is inspired by magnetotherapy and ocular reflexology to work.

Read “Magnetotherapy, how to treat yourself with magnets?

Thanks to advanced massage techniques, the eye mask will massage specific points on the face to stimulate blood microcirculation, reduce headaches and eye fatigue. 20 vibration detectors in the mask will stimulate specific acupuncture points around the eyes to restore energetic harmony, the benefits of which will be visible throughout the body. The magnets present in the Magnet-Relax will emit a 3D High Frequency magnetic field to stimulate the body's meridians and promote the circulation of fluids. 

Advanced heating, Bluetooth or musical massage modes also allow you to relax and benefit from numerous benefits, particularly for the skin of the face.

The benefits of eye massage for collagen

The advanced air pressure massage function is inspired by acupressure to massage precise points on the temples, forehead and around the eyes with variable intensity pressure. This localized and gentle massage helps release tension blocked in these areas, while stimulating the epidermis to naturally produce collagen.

The innovative thermal massage function of the Magnet-Relax Eye Mask releases heat to penetrate the epidermis and stimulate blood circulation . This diffused heat and the massages provided by the eye mask will allow the skin to create new collagen, and give you a brighter and rejuvenated look. Used at low frequency, this function can even help you fall asleep!

Thanks to this massage mask, you can boost your collagen production easily and without chemicals with just a few sessions. In order for the massage mask to have an effect on your skin, it is important to position it correctly on your face, and to do at least 3 sessions. 

booster production collagene massage

Our tip for a successful self-massage

auto massage peau collagene

You can increase the actions of special collagen self-massage tenfold with the use of cosmetics with hyaluronic acid and collagen-boosting active ingredients. Indeed, hyaluronic acid and collagen are a winning duo in anti-aging care. 

Hyaluronic acid, a plumping molecule present naturally in our body, is essential to hydrate and join our tissues together. It also has a significant role in inflammation and healing of tissues and skin. 

By using cosmetics such as serums or night creams rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen after a self-massage session, you can continue to stimulate your epidermis and prolong the effects of self-massage. during the night. Thanks to the acupuncture points massaged with the eye mask, and the active ingredients in your cosmetics, your collagen will be boosted spectacularly. 

When you wake up, you will have plumped skin, a rejuvenated look and you will be able to see a noticeable difference after several sessions!

Don't wait any longer to complete your anti-aging beauty routine with the Magnet-Relax eye mask, and gain a few years in just a few sessions! 

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