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Magnetotherapy: how to treat yourself with magnets?

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Magnetotherapy is part of unconventional medicine. This alternative treatment for certain illnesses and ailments uses the power of magnets to heal naturally. Criticized by traditional medicine, magnetotherapy nevertheless has beneficial effects on ailments such as osteoarthritis or migraines. It has been used in particular for many centuries by Chinese medicine or by the Egyptians.

How does magnetotherapy work?What magnets are used and what are their benefits? Discover all the ins and outs of magnetotherapy in this complete guide. 🧲

Magnetotherapy, or the power of magnets

Magnets have been used by doctors to treat ailments since the dawn of time. Hippocrates recommended their use in particular to promote fertility, and they constitute one of the foundations of traditional and current Chinese medicine.

In Chinese medicine, the use of magnets is based on the principle of meridians, invisible channels which circulate energy throughout the body. Stimulated by static or pulsed magnets, the meridians are freed from certain blockages, and thus promote the circulation of blood, lymph and nerve impulses.  💉


Static magnets used in magnetotherapy are small round or rectangular magnets placed on the pain points to be treated, which generate a stable magnetic field. 

Pulsed magnets used in magnetotherapy work with an electrical connection and generate multi-frequency vibrations. This gives a uniform massage sensation which releases accumulated tension in the moment, and helps in the long term to promote the circulation of energy and fluids. ⚡

In magnetotherapy, all magnets, whether static or pulsed, operate in pairs with a north polarity and a south polarity.
The north polarity thus acts as an anti-inflammatory, and the south polarity acts with a toning and regenerating action. The magnets are placed on either side of the pain points to target the ailments precisely.

The benefits of magnetotherapy

Body energy is one of the foundations of magnetotherapy. Just like an electrical appliance, the human body is made up of energy that flows through the meridians. The blood, fluids and the nervous system are all channels for the circulation of this energy, and when blockages appear, illnesses and diseases can manifest themselves and interfere with our daily life. 😢

Magnetotherapy focuses on the good circulation of this energy to treat ailments in a natural way that respects the human body.

Thanks to better circulation of energy,magnetotherapy notably relieves chronic pain such as osteoarthritis,muscle injuries such as tendonitis or sprains,

t4> headaches, and helps achieve a deeper state of relaxation, also helping to reduce stress and sleep disorders. However, it is necessary to benefit from several magnetotherapeutic treatments to see long-term effects. 

Doing magnetotherapy at home with an eye massager

It can be complicated to find a magnetotherapy center in every city. With a Magnet Innov eye massager, magnetotherapy can be used at home easily and inexpensively. 🤗

Thanks to a magnetotherapy and ocular reflexology mask placed on the eyes, you immerse yourself in a moment of intense relaxation and benefit from the benefits of magnets at home. Headaches, migraines, stress, insomnia: the ailments treated by the eye massager are numerous. 😎

Masseur Oculaire Magnetotherapie

The different vibration modes of the magnetotherapy eye massager allow you to massage different areas of the face, and precisely treat your pain or discomfort. Simple to use and easy to take with you anywhere, the Magnet Innov eye massager is the ideal accessory for practicing magnetotherapy at home and carrying out a natural treatment thanks to the power of magnets.

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