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10 tips to relieve eye strain from screens

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Eye fatigue is increasingly common among children and adults today, due to the omnipresence and constant use of screens. The blue light returned by our electronic devices actually attacks the eyeball, and can in the short to long term cause you unpleasant ailments or even impact your vision.

How does eye fatigue occur, and what are the tips for dealing with it? Discover our 10 tips for reducing eye fatigue in this article.

Definition of eye fatigue

Eye fatigue manifests itself as visible redness of the eyes, dryness of the eyes, or feelings of tightness. This can also manifest itself with the appearance of vision problems (loss of visual acuity, blurred vision, etc.) 👀

It occurs following bad habits which attack the eyes, and in the long term, tire them.

  • Lack of brightness
  • Concentration too long
  • Documents printed incorrectly or characters read too small

Blue light from screens is unfortunately the major cause of eye fatigue problemstoday. 

The screens we use every day, computer, telephone, tablet, in fact reflect blue light which is not natural for the eyeball, and which affects the sensitivity of our eyes in the long term. 💻

Problem: it's difficult to do without them, even if they harm our eyes! So how can you relieve eye strain caused by screens? Here are all our tips.

Tip #1: Wear blue light glasses

No need to be nearsighted or astigmatic to wear glasses: you just need to use screens a lot, and you can provide yourself with a pair of anti-blue glare glasses. 🤓

These special glasses filter some of the blue light generated by screens, and prevent these blue-violet waves from entering the eye. This helps protect your pretty eyes from the harmful effects of screens, while still allowing you to enjoy all they have to offer!

Tip #2: Moisturize your eyes

Nothing is more unpleasant than those feelings of tightness, dryness and red eyes, right? However, the solution to fix it is simple: hy-dra-ta-tion!

Provide yourself with eye drops, also called artificial tears, to rehydrate your eyes. Instantly, the feeling of dryness will disappear, and you will feel how much your little eyes needed to drink!

Tip #3: Stay hydrated!


In addition to hydrating your eyes…. Don’t forget to hydrate YOURSELF! Water represents approximately 60% of our body mass, and contributes to the proper functioning of all our organs. 💦

Dehydration or underhydration impacts your health, and can cause dry skin and eyes which makes you feel tired.

Drink 1.5L to 2L of water per day, or alternate with tea, fruit juices, infusions, or fruits rich in water to keep your body always hydrated! 🥤

Tip #4: massage your eyes to stimulate micro-circulation

Massage is an excellent therapeutic means to cure many ailments. For eye fatigue, massaging the temples and eye contour helps stimulate blood microcirculation, and reduce feelings of tightness and dryness. 

Eye Massage is a technique which consists of massaging the eyes and the eye area with a specialized massage device. Its benefits are numerous for fatigue, stress, and metabolism, but it is particularly formidable for treating eye fatigue.

A daily 15-minute eye massage sessionhelps to rest your eyes, which are used all day long, and to stimulate the micro-circulation of your face to restore fluid circulation.

The different massage features of the Eye Mask provide a feeling of relaxation on the eyes and overall well-being, which will allow you to completely relax!

Traitement Fatigue Oculaire Masseur Oculaire

Tip #5: Use magnetotherapy to reduce related pain

Magnetotherapy is a gentle and natural therapy that uses the power of magnets to treat many ailments. The polarities of the magnets and their positioning on specific acupuncture points of the body (meridians, or energy channels of the body), help to rebalance the harmony of the body, and to relieve tension and pain. 

In many cases, eye strain causes more than just dry eyes:

- headaches

- migraines

- dizziness

- insomnia

- dizziness…

This pain can be a real nuisance on a daily basis, and impact your physical and moral health as well as your productivity.
An eye massager which uses magnetotherapy and eye reflexology will allow you to reduce this pain thanks to a relaxing targeted massage. The circular movements and pressure or vibrations carried out on the pain points will help target the pain deep down, and alleviate it with a pleasant and relaxing massage.

Much more than an ally in reducing eye fatigue, an Eye Massager will help you overall live a more relaxed and pain-free life!

Tip #6: Limit screen time


A simple but rarely implemented solution: if you experience frequent eye fatigue, it may be a good idea to look at your time in front of screens, and see if it is possible to reduce it. 💻📱

Maybe you don't need to watch social media 4 hours a day? Or maybe you can read this PDF in hard copy? Organize your screen time so as to optimize it and not strain your eyes unnecessarily.

Tip #7: Blink more often

The very action of blinking simply rehydrates your eyes. In cases of eye fatigue, the symptoms of which are often dryness and tightness, blinking helps prevent them from drying out.

But this is proven: in front of screens, we only partially close our eyelids, or we blink 3 times less than usual to stay focused. Long periods without blinking can therefore lead to unusual and frequent dry eyes.

Tip #8: Take Frequent Breaks

It is after long periods of time spent in front of the computer or on the telephone without stopping that eye fatigue is felt the most. 

Taking a break, as simple as it may be, allows you to break away from screens for a few minutes or hours, and allow your eyes to rest. Away from screens, you blink more, avoid drying out, and do not have blue light which attacks them…. A good excuse to take more coffee breaks!

Tip #9: Change the brightness of your screens

Blue light is largely responsible for your eye fatigue after a long day spent in front of your computer. If you don't have anti-glare glasses and you have to work in front of a screen all day, know that there are many software programs to "yellow" your screen, and reduce the effect of blue light. 

Simple to install, these yellow filters help reduce harm to your eyes from blue light from screens and too much brightness. You can also set the filters to darken during the day, adjusting to the changing brightness of the day.


Tip #10: Change your workspace

The size of your screen, its inclination, the distance at which you place it… everything has an impact on your screen consumption and your possible eye fatigue.

If you have recurring symptoms of eye strain, change your workspace to make you feel more comfortable:

  • Opt for a bigger screen
  • Change your screen for a better resolution
  • Raise your screen to avoid hurting your neck and back
  • Put your screen at a reasonable distance so as not to be too close

After these improvements, you should suffer less from eye fatigue, and stay focused better at work in front of your computer!

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