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What device to effectively relax the cervical?

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1 out of 2 French people say they live with acute or chronic pain according to the CSA, and the survey carried out with the Sanofi laboratory for pain day. The location of this pain? Back pain (67% of respondents) and headache (62%) are the two most common ailments for the French. Among these ailments, neck pain also plays an important role. 💥

Indeed, back pain often spreads to the shoulders and neck, blocking the neck. These very painful blockages can go so far as to generate headaches or migraines in the worst case. So how do you effectively relax your neck so you don't hurt anymore? What are the causes of these pains? And how do you fight them? 

Where does neck pain come from?

Cervical pain is located in the neck, at the root of the skull or at the birth of the shoulders. These ailments are often linked to poor posture and/or skeletal malformation. 😬

In recent years, working from home and working in front of a computer have generated more and more back pain, especially neck problems. 💻A bad work chair, a screen that is too low or a posture that is too slouched lead to a compression of the cervical spine and a position held over the long term, which is not good for the skeleton.

It may also be whether you suffer from a malformation or deformation of your skeleton which would cause neck pain: scoliosis, flat feet, knees in, hips not aligned... In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will recommend a treatment adapted to your case to cure your neck pain.

For some, it can be difficult to wait for long-term treatment to be pain free from the neck. How to quickly relieve your neck pain at home? We give you all our advice. 👍

How to effectively relax the cervical spine? 

If it is chronic pain and/or cervical blockages, more radical solutions, carried out in professional offices, can be thought of:

  • Osteopathy
  • chiropractic
  • Physiotherapy

Often, neck manipulation helps to put in place stuck cervical, or to relieve tensions and other pains. 🩺

However, if the pain relief is immediate, these solutions are not quick to implement. Appointment booking, on-site visit: if you are suffering from neck pain today, an at-home solution is the best solution. 

For this, massage is an effective way to relax the neck. 💆‍♀With pressure on pain points, you can unlock an area of tension, and gradually relax to free yourself from pain. If someone close to you can help you by massaging your back or neck, it can be stressful to always have to rely on someone for treatment.

In order to relieve yourself from neck pain alone at home, you can count on our two devices to relax the neck: our Magnet-Relax Shiatsu massage cushion and our Magnet-Perfect neck and neck massager.

Discover the Magnet-Perfect, neck and cervical massager

appareil détente cervicales

Le Magnet-Perfect is a U-shaped massage device that is placed around the neck. Two magnetic electrodes send waves and vibrations to your neck to gently massage and press pressure points. ⚡ The Magnet-Perfect uses the technology of magnetic pulses to massage acupuncture points. This helps you gradually relax and relieve your pain. 🙏 

This neck and cervical massager is smart because it deep mass the joints thanks to vibrations sent to the most frequent pain points. If you are cozy and fear massages that are too deep or unpleasant, for example, don't worry. The Magnet-Perfect relaxes you with a pleasant and relaxing pulse massage. This neck and cervical massager can help you treat:

  • Neck and cervical blockages
  • arthrosis
  • Cervicalgie
  • Neck and cervical pain

 You can also buy the Magnet-Perfect with back patches and benefit from a back massage in addition to a cervical massage. 💆‍ 

Discover our Shiatsu massage cushion

le magnet zen, innovative Shiatsu massage cushion, has rotating balls to recreate the impression of a real physical cervical massage. Presenting itself as a headrest, the Magnet-Zen sits on your sofa or attaches behind a chair back to be placed under your head or behind your back.

This massager recreates the movements of the massage Shiatsu, an ancestral Japanese massage technique that emphasizes pain points with deep movements, recognized for its benefits for back and neck. 💆‍♀

coussin de massage shiatsu

This device to relax the neck works with 3 modes:

  • A rotating mode: the massage balls rotate in one direction then in the other to insist on the points of pain and treat your blockage in depth.
  • Vibration mode: This gentler massage mode combines pleasant vibrations and massage balls to relax you and release the stress of a long day at work.
  • A heating mode: enjoy diffused heat in addition to a rotating massage to make your pain disappear and relax your neck deeply.

Discover our entire collection of Shiatsu massage cushions here.

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