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What is the best heated cervical collar?

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It comes in the form of a collar that you position behind your neck to enjoy a relaxing and warming massage... The heating collar is increasingly proving its worth to massage fans, and people suffering from muscle and nervous. 

So how does a neck warmer work, and why is it so effective? What are its health benefits? We tell you everything in this article!

Cervical collar: how does it work? 

And  Masseur Cervical looks like a stiff white collar open at the front that hangs around the neck. With an ergonomic U-shape and aerodynamic design, this neck support suitable for all neck shapes and stays in place easily.

Those aretwo electrodes placed behind the neck which will send magnetic impulses which reduce tension and untie nervous and muscular blockages. 💆‍♂

Inspired by the benefits of magnetic therapy,  neck warmer massages using built-in magnets placed on different acupuncture points which act on the entire metabolism.  The benefits of massage do not feel not just in the neck  and shoulders, but  in the whole body, for total relaxation and an unstoppable energy-boosting massage. 

Using integrated controls on the side, you choose the massage intensities, and the different massage functions:

  • Pulse massage, recommended to relax and promote sleep
  • Impulse massage, to have a massage that anchors itself to the depths of the pain in order to treat chronic pain


The big plus of the heated massage collar, and  its great advantage compared to ordinary neck massagers, is  its heating function. 🔥

In therapeutic massages, the use of heat is frequent.  because it helps to relax the muscles deeply, and to multiply the relaxing and unblocking benefits of the massage. Here, the heated massage collar diffuses  a pleasant and liberating feeling of warmth, which relaxes the muscles and helps  reduce stress and fatigue. 👍

 Massage Cou et Cervicales

The benefits of a cervical collar 

Reading the many features of a neck brace, you already suspect that it can only do you good, and  help you relax while reducing muscle soreness.But that's not all ! 

Here are the benefits of using a neck and neck warmer:

  • Unblocks muscle blockages
  • Relieves the cervical
  • Relieves headaches related to muscle tension
  • Reduces pain associated with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
  • Prevents the onset of rheumatism 
  • Helps in better blood circulation

In addition to acting directly on your muscles and your body, le  Collier chauffant also acts directly on your well-being: 

  • Stress reduction
  • Sleep aid
  • Boost energy 

Thanks to regular use of the neck massager, at the rate of several 15-minute sessions per week, your body will be more relaxed, but your metabolism will also be in better shape, and reboosted from the inside. 💖



In case of regular sports practice, the neck warmer is strongly recommended to recover faster, and avoid muscle tension and aches. 🤸‍♀

Also, whether you want to relieve stress after a long day at work, unblock your neck after a wrong movement or a bad position, or simply relax to fall asleep better, the Neck and Cervical Massager is made for you!

What is the best massaging cervical collar? 

There are many massage collars for the neck, but only a few can boast of being effective and innovative. 

Two models stand out in Magnet Innov's range of neck warmers

The Therapeutic Heat Collar

Magnet-Per neck warmerfect is one of the first innovative neck pain collars on the market. 

It works using magnetic pulse massage, to massage the neck and cervical deep in pain, and provide a relaxing massage that relaxes the whole body. 🧲

Above all, he is inspired  the benefits of magnetotherapy to treat pain naturally, and help with better circulation of fluids and blood. The Therapeutic Massager's two magnets massage the neck and cervical areas according to the massage practices of traditional Chinese medicine, for a gentle and natural treatment of pain.

Vibrating patches are also included with the electric neck warmer  to stick them on the back, and benefit from a wider massage area. The pulsations sent by the collar around the neck and the patches on the back allow  a full back massage for immediate relaxation.

And finally it will form a heated neck belt to allow a  better penetration of the magnetic impulses or pulsations of the massage, for in-depth treatment of pain,  better muscle recovery, and total elimination of stress. 🧘

The Smart Neck Massager

The Magnet-Perfect Intelligent Neck and Cervical Massager is one of the latest massage collars on the market.

It is also inspired by magnetotherapy  to deliver magnetic pulse massage using magnets placed on strategic acupuncture points. 

Its heating technology combined with the power of massage allows you to let go and produce endorphin, the hormone responsible for happiness, to eliminate stress and fatigue.

In addition to helping you get rid of your muscle pain, the Intelligent Neck and Cervical Massager also helps you better manage your stress, fatigue, and sports recovery, for a fit body and a better focused brain.

Its 6 massage modes (automatic, acupuncture, kneading, pressure, kneading or even beating) will help you increase your well-being tenfold, and create massage sessions adapted to your desires and needs of the moment. 

All Magnet Innov products are exclusively available online, you will therefore not be able to find a heated cervical collar in pharmacies.

Masseur Cou et Cervicales


1 Response

Marie Odile Mansuino
Marie Odile Mansuino

June 07, 2021

Bonjour je viens de recevoir mon masque magnétique relax. Très bon produita voir l effet positif sur les migraines apres plus d utilisation.
Par contre c est peut-être une mauvaise utilisation de ma part mais le magnet cervical me provoque des picotements…

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