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Eye Strain: Causes and Treatments

3 min read


Eye fatigue is one of the modern ills of our society.With the excessive use of screens, our eyes get tired faster than normal and this visual fatigue can lead to many ailments: dry eyes, headaches, migraines, vision problems... Find out how to treat eyestrain simply. 

Definition of eye strain

Eye fatigue is a temporary impairment of their abilities, due to excessive use of the eyes or poor working/light conditions. 

Eye fatigue or visual fatigue is manifested by minor visual disturbances, a feeling of dryness, red eye or tearing in the eye. This can be temporary or cause frequent discomfort, and it is therefore important to treat it so as not to damage vision in the long term.


Common causes of eye strain are: 

  • Too long exposure to blue light from a screen
  • An exposure too close to a screen
  • Excessive or insufficient brightness
  • Too long concentration of the eyes (ex: driving for several hours)
  • A dry eye
  • Reading poorly printed or too small documents

fatigue oculaire symptomes

How does eye fatigue manifest? 😴

Eyestrain manifests differently for everyone, and can vary if the individual already has vision problems or not.

Common symptoms of eye strain are:

  • red eye 
  • dry eye
  • Headache
  • Vision problems (blurred vision, loss of contrast, etc.)
  • Dizziness 

Treat eye fatigue at home 

Eye fatigue is therefore a very real annoyance, and can lead to serious complications and unnecessary pain if certain symptoms remain untreated. 😥

What's more, the eyes are our windows to the world, and if they are impacted then our relationship to it can seriously suffer! Decreased concentration at work, slower reading, difficulty integrating the information read...

Here are some simple and effective tips to treat eye strain at home.

Adopt an eye massager

It is THE new essential tool to treat eye fatigue and related ailments in a simple and effective way.

The eye massager is presented as a rigid night mask that is placed over the eyes. It combines magnetic therapy and ocular reflexology to massage specific points on the skull, temples and forehead and thus reduce accumulated tension. 💆‍♀

Migraines, headaches, itchy eyes, dizziness… say goodbye to all these symptoms with this unique massage mask! 

After a long day behind the screens, a big migraine, or visual fatigue, the eye mask stimulates the face and sensitive areas with its massage movements inspired by eye reflexology. 

The different massage modes (multi-frequency vibration, air pressure or infrared) can treat different discomforts and also improve the skin by boosting collagen production. ⚡

masseur oculaire fatigue oculaire


The Magnet-Relax 2.0 Eye Massageruses the power of magnets (magnetic therapy) and eye reflexology to treat fatigue oculaire and other everyday ailments linked to the tensions accumulated around the eyes: migraines, dizziness, vision problems, chronic insomnia...

The mask also acts on aging skin with special modes to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

This new edition of innovative eye massager works on all fronts to rest your tired eyes and your different tensions, and even makes it easier to fall asleep. Great novelty: it can also be used without worries by children. Thanks to its built-in battery, the Magnet-Relax mask also offers better mobility. Magnet-Relax is also equipped with voice assistance.

Reduce exposure to blue light

Blue light is one of the main causes of eye fatigue. It is part of the spectrum of light emitted by almost all current screens (computers, smartphones, tablets) and LEDs. But today, it is impossible to escape the screens if only to work, study, or have fun! 📱💻

To reduce exposure to blue light, you can set up screen yellow filters, or free software that will adjust the light on your screens so as not to damage your eyes. Some progressive filters change throughout the day to adapt to ambient light.

Many opticians and pharmacies also offerblue light blocking glasses, which allow the eye to filter this light and to be less attacked in contact with screens. 

Finally, simply adjusting your time in front of the screens, by being careful or by setting up time-regulating applications will already allow you to stay less attached to your screens, and to better rest your eyes! 😴

 lumiere bleue traitement

Find a suitable optical correction

Despite these simple and economical solutions, eye fatigue and its various symptoms may persist. In this case, it is recommended to consult an optician to evaluate your vision and find a suitable solution. 

Whether you need glasses, contact lenses, or blue light blocking glasses, it is important to protect your eyes! 🤓

In addition to these corrections, frequent use of the eye massager will allow you to rest your eyes better, reduce headaches and enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation. 


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