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How to treat dry eye naturally?

4 min read


Dry eye is a disease from which more and more French people suffer on a daily basis. 👁️ With the omnipresence of screens, both in professional and personal life, our eyes are increasingly in demand without being so well protected. Other causes such as wearing contact lenses, tobacco smoke or hormones can cause dry eyes and other discomforts. So how do you avoid dry eye symptoms? And how to treat it naturally? Magnet-innov, a brand specializing in natural well-being, gives you all its advice. 🙏

Dry Eye: Symptoms 

Do you often rub your eyelids because your eyes are itchy? Do you have tingling sensations, or very dry eyes?

The most common dry eye symptoms are:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Itching
  • Sensation of sand in the eye
  • Red eyes
  • Irritated eyelids
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity

When the eye is healthy, it produces a tear film on its own, which coats and protects the cornea and iris. 💦 In case of dry eye, the tear film may be disturbed , qualitatively (its composition has changed) or quantitatively (it does not produce enough liquid).⚠ 

If you suffer from the symptoms listed above, you may be suffering from dry eye. So how to treat it? And what can cause it?

Common causes of dry eye

 There are many causes of dry eye. While some are simply related to your metabolism or vision, others are caused by outside elements.

traiter secheresse oculaire

Wearing contact lenses

Wearing unsuitable or low quality lenses is one of the main causes of dry eye. 👀 Contact lenses, unlike glasses, are in direct contact with the cornea of the eye. 👓 If they are not of good quality or do not correspond to your ocular need, they can damage the tear film mentioned above. It is therefore essential to be prescribed quality lenses that take care of your eyes.

If despite your precautions, your eyes continue to irritate you while wearing contact lenses, you can put a few drops of saline or drops in your eyes to hydrate them instantly.

Poor hydration

Your body is made up of 80% water. 💦 If a large part of this water ends up in your blood, your eyes also require a lot of water produced by your body. In case of insufficient hydration, the mucous membranes are the first parts to dry up: nose, private parts or eyes.

In general, it is recommended that an adult drink 1.5L of water per day to be healthy.🧃 If you have trouble drinking so much on a daily basis, you can eat foods rich in water such as tomatoes, watermelons or melon, or drink infusions without sugar and without stimulants (theine or caffeine). ☕

Dryness linked to eye fatigue

Eyestrain occurs when your eyes are overworked or your environment is unhealthy for your eyes:

  • Screen excess
  • Little light
  • bright light
  • Air dry or too hot
  • Low air humidity
  • Cigarette smoke

By dint of being exposed to harmful elements, your eyes will get tired without protection. You will feel irritation or itching, and if you don't take care of your eyes, you may have red or puffy eyes at the end of the day. 😢

So how do you treat eye strain? We help you with natural advice. 

Our tips for treating dry eye 

traiter secheresse oculaire

Use artificial tears

If you suffer from dry eye, hydrate your eyes is a quick and easy way to heal yourself. Artificial tears or eye drops, to put in your eyes in small quantities, will moisten the eye and help you regain some comfort. 😉 You can find them easily in pharmacies at a lower cost.

In addition to homeopathic eye drops, you can find specific eye drops, highlighting certain oils and essential oils: castor oil, chamomile, cornflower water, linseed oil... 🌼 Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacy for advice on find out more.

Treat yourself with eye massage

If the drops can cause immediate relief, it is not long lasting. In addition to addressing the cause of your dry eye, you can practice eye massage to treat yourself.

Le eye rub consists of massaging the eyes and eyelids by pressing on specific acupuncture points that will stimulate hydration and blood micro-circulation. 💆‍♀ Our massage device Magnet-Relax 2.0 is notably a well-known eye massager for treating dry eyes.

The Magnet-Relax Eye Massager attaches to your head with an adjustable strap. Inside, a leatherette mask molds to the shape of your face and completely covers your eyes like a sleeping mask. Smart massage balls will massage your temples, forehead and eyelids once the device is turned on.👀

You can choose between 6 smart massage modes to combat your dry eye and get the most eye massage benefits.

masseur oculaire secheresse oculaire

In addition to helping you treat your dry eye naturally, the eye massager treats:

  • headaches and migraines
  • insomnia
  • puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • dizziness

In general, it is recommended to do a session of 10 minutes a day to start seeing positive results. Also be sure to adjust your strap properly so that the massage is well done. 🙏

Want to try? Discover our innovative eye massager, and how he won over many customers.  

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