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What is Shiatsu Massage?

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“Shiatsu” means “finger pressure in Japanese” and in therapeutic medicine, it is a traditional massage method practiced for centuries in Asia. What are the benefits of this practice on the body and mind, and how can you easily practice it at home? 

Definition of Shiatsu

Thanks to the pressure of the fingers, elbows, palms of the hands or even feet, the Shiatsu practitioner unblocks the patient's muscular blockages and helps the energy fluids to circulate better in the body.  Shiatsu relies on acupressure, or pressing on a body meridian to unblock the knots that prevent energy from circulating properly in the body. 

During a Shiatsu massage, blood and fluid circulation is restored, and muscle blockages are resolved. The gradual pressure exerted during the massage on the acupressure points of the body allows maximum relaxation and a unique moment of relaxation. Shiatsu therefore acts on both the body and the mind, and its benefits are numerous. 💆‍♀

The benefits of Japanese Shiatsu

Shiatsu is known to act on the body in many ways:

  • It helps to release muscle tension and reduce pain
  • It helps reduce stress and tension
  • It rebalances the energy system
  • It allows better blood circulation
  • It allows intense physical and psychological relaxation, lasting several hours
  • It strengthens the metabolism thanks to its soothing and balancing power

Shiatsu is a traditional massage technique which therefore acts much deeper than a simple massage, and allows the entire body and mind to feel liberated and strengthened. 🙏

Shiatsu focuses above all on the well-being of the patient, and on the anticipation of ailments or the gentle and natural healing of existing ailments. The practice does not replace traditional medicine, but complements it by focusing on rest and relaxation. 🧘‍♂

Who is Shiatsu for?

Shiatsu is intended for all people who suffer from muscle pain or want to relax... that is to say, everyone! There is no age limit, and the pressure of Shiatsu massage can also be adapted to the patient's physiology and pathologies. 👵👩‍🦰

Overall, Shiatsu is aimed at:

  • People suffering from frequent cervical and neck blockages
  • People suffering from muscle tension or lower back pain
  • Stressed people looking for a natural way to relax
  • Anxious people
  • People suffering from insomnia
  • People suffering from poor blood circulation

The advantage of Shiatsu is that it can treat many ailments at the same time, and generate many benefits. 

How to benefit from Shiatsu at home?

If you are not a Shiatsu practitioner or do not have a family member who does, don't panic! You can benefit from the benefits of Shiatsu  thanks to innovative Shiatsu massage devices. 💆

The Shiatsu massage cushion

The best known massage deviceto benefit from Shiatsu at home is the massage cushion.The Magnet-Zen Massaging Cushion allows you to relax at home and unblock neck and cervical  thanks to rotating massage balls which recreate the finger pressure exerted by the Shiatsu practitioner. 

In a sitting or lying position, you simply place the Magnet-Zen Massage Cushion under your neck and rest your head. You choose the intensity of the massage, with or without the heating function, and can relax easily and reduce stress and pain quickly. ⚡

The Shiatsu Massaging Cushion can be placed under any part of the back to release muscle pain, lower back pain, knots or tension. 

Here are the different massage modes of the Magnet-Zen Massaging Cushion:

  • An alternation function, to massage consecutively in both directionsand deeply release muscle tension
  • A heating function 🔥, to relax the muscles more quickly during the massage and achieve a feeling of intense relaxation
  • A speed function, to choose the speed of your massage and adapt it to your pain or mood of the day.

Coussin de Massage Shiatsu Professionnel

A professional version of the Magnet-Zen Cushion also exists for a Shiatsu massage at home like the pros. 

The advantages of the professional version of the Magnet-Zen Cushion are:

  • A larger massage surface
  • 12 rotating massage balls, for a deeper and more precise massage on acupressure points
  • A remote control to control your massage with more skill during the sessionwithout even detaching yourself from the cushion
  • 2 additional massage modes, Timer and vibration and improved heating mode
  • Home, work, car, train, plane: the Magnet-Zen massage cushion can follow you everywhere to relax in all circumstances. Say hello to life without muscle pain with Magnet-Zen! 👋

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    deLaforcade Isabelle
    deLaforcade Isabelle

    June 07, 2021

    Merci d indiquer les prix. Je serais intéressée par le coussin Shiatsu pro et le masquebmassage pour l es yeux

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