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Anti-aging facial massage: discover the gestures to adopt

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With age, facial skin loses elasticity and tone, and wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes, mouth, forehead... This is the natural process of facial aging, and few remedies can unfortunately promise eternal youth. 

However, with the right gestures, you can slow down the aging of your skin and boost your collagen production thanks to a special anti-wrinkle face massage. 💆‍♀

Which areas are most affected by wrinkles?

Zones Rides Visage

It is important to differentiatetwo types of wrinkles caused by different processes:

  • Expression wrinkles, which appear as a result of repeated facial contractions (e.g. frown lines, crow's feet wrinkles at the corner of the eyes, etc.)
  • Aging wrinkles, which form as a result of sagging skin related to skin aging and other factors such as recurrent exposure to the sun 😎

The wrinkles thus appear above all in the natural folds of the skin of the face, hollowing out these folds more markedly, or in areas where the skin of the face is very thin.

There are four main areas of wrinkles:

  • The forehead, with the frown lines and forehead lines
  • The eye area, with crow's feet outside the eyes and bags under the eyes
  • The nasal and oral area, with nasolabial folds, smoker's lines above the lips, bitterness lines at the corners of the lips
  • The neckline, with the folds of the neck and the wrinkles of the neckline or chest

Each area requires precise massage gestures in order to "lift" the skin in the right direction, boost collagen production and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. If there are many creams and serums to apply during the massage to smooth the skin texture and have plumper skin, there are also even more effective massage devices that penetrate the epidermis in depth. 🙌

The Magnet-Relax mask, a special facial massager

The forehead and eye area is where the first premature wrinkles appear. Based on magneto-therapy and ocular reflexology, two methods of natural therapeutic massage, the Magnet-Relax eye mask is placed on the eyes for an effective massage of the temples and eye contour on the quality of the skin.

And the benefits of a special face massage are well established:plumper skin, regained radiance, tightening of facial muscles, smooth skin texture... A massage eye mask like the Magnet-Relax helps to have all the benefits of a manual face massage, but easily at home, and when you wish it ! 💁‍♀


How it works ?The Magnet-Relax massage mask produces a magnetic field using magnets which will activate the micro-circulation and balance the energetic harmony of the body.Beyond these magnetic fields, the Magnet-Relax massage mask will activate precise acupuncture points with different massage modes (by vibration, by air pressure, by thermal function) to achieve different styles of massage inspired by the eye reflexology.

The massage provided by the Magnet-Relax will therefore not only act on the epidermis and boost collagen production, but also promote micro-circulation, blood circulation, and thus provide a state of relaxation and overall relaxation! 🙏

How the 2019 edition massage mask works

The Magnet-Relax 2019 edition eye mask is a feat of technology that brings together the benefits of magneto-therapy and ocular reflexology in a single product. 

With the remote control connected to the eye mask, you can manage the different massage modes and their intensity. 

Here are the modes of use of the Magnet-Relax 2019 edition: 

💙 massage by multi-frequency vibration which allows a uniform massage, and better blood micro-circulation  

💙 air pressure massage that acts directly on the acupuncture points of the eyes. This helps in particular to relax the eyes in case of eye fatigue, and therefore acts on crow's feet.

Read "Eye Strain: Causes and Treatments"

💙 infrared massage that will penetrate the epidermis to act directly on the production of collagen, and obtain a "rejuvenated look" effect

In addition to these massage modes, an integrated music mode allows you to be massaged to your favorite sounds, to completely relax and enjoy a moment of intense relaxation!

Masseur Oculaire Anti-Rides 2019

How the 2020 edition massage brand works

The 2020 edition massage mask is the nomadic version of the 2019 mask. Say goodbye to wires and remotes, and hello to a handy eye mask you can take with you anywhere!

It is a perfect natural anti-aging solution, since it combines air pressure and heat massage to tone the skin and stimulate collagen. Composed of 20 vibration detectors placed on the acupuncture points around the eyes, the Magnet-Relax Eye Massager 2020 will therefore not only act on the wrinkles around the eyes, but also on dark circles and puffiness that can appear. form with age. 

Here are the different massage functions of the Magnet-Relax 2020 edition:

💙 intelligent uniform rhythmic vibration massage, which allows homogeneous stimulation of each area with the right dose of intensity for each targeted point. This will allow total relaxation and stimulation of the micro-circulation of the face.

💙 Advanced air pressure massager that gently massages facial acupuncture points to alleviate muscle and eye fatigue, and relax facial tightness

💙 massage by innovative thermal function, with a diffusion of heat which will penetrate the epidermis during the massage to stimulate the production of collagen and blood circulation. This will notably give plumper skin, and a brighter look after use.

Bonus: it is possible to combine the different massage functions at the same time for an effective and 100% natural anti-aging and relaxation session! Just like the 2019 edition, the 2020 edition also has a bluetooth music mode that allows you to relax on your favorite music. 🎼

You now know everything about the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle facial massage, to be performed in a natural and simple way at home. It's up to you to fall for an anti-wrinkle massage device that will give your skin a second youth! 

Masseur Oculaire Magnet-Relax Anti-Age 2020

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