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What is a massage eye mask?

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In recent years, eye massage machines have exploded in popularity. How does a massage eye mask work? What are its benefits for beauty and health? Focus on these revolutionary new devices.

Eye massage mask: how does it work?

It is well known that the eyes are one of the most sensitive and important organs of the body, and yet we take little care of them! 👀

Umnipresence of screens, pollution, bad light, not to mention the skin around the eyes, which is the thinnest on the face and the most likely to mark... Our poor eyes and eye contour do not benefit take a lot of care, and neglecting them can lead to many ills.

Eye fatigue, headaches, migraines, dizziness, dry eyes, bags and dark circles.All these minor but annoying daily ailments could be erased in one gesture with a simpleeye massage.

Eye massage masks, which look like large ski goggles, or virtual reality glasses, hang around the head to massage the eye area with innovative technologies. 😎

Using a remote control or a dashboard located on the side of the mask, you activate the different massage modes of the mask.Thanks to vibration detectors and magnets placed at precise points around the eyes, the mask massages precisely on frequent pain points, blocking points, or areas where tensions accumulate, to relax your face and relax yourself at the same time! 💆

Masque massage yeux

Eye contour mask: health benefits

An eye massage device brings all the benefits of massage to a specific and very sensitive area: the face and more particularly the eye area. 

Inspired by ocular reflexology, and the advantages of magnetotherapy,  the Eye Mask is a technological feat that acts both on physiology but also on the skin. 

Thanks to its expert massages, the eye mask can:

  • Help reduce migraines and headaches
  • Relieve dizziness
  • Accelerate micro-blood circulation in the eyes
  • Protect against chronic and muscular tension
  • Preventing facial neuralgia
  • Reduce stress

It is therefore an innovative therapeutic massage device to keep at home, because it helps treat many ailments in a single or several sessions. 

Its relaxation and relaxation action also acts on the whole body and the massage device istherefore effective in combating insomnia, helping you to gradually relax.

His plus? The Eye Mask is suitable for all ages (children and adults!) and of course for men and women. You no longer have any excuse not to treat yourself to an eye massage session and say goodbye to your physiological discomfort!

Different modes allow you to treat the various ailments you may suffer from, and to offer you a moment of complete relaxation:

  • Multi-frequency vibration massage
  • Advanced air pressure massage
  • Massage with innovative heating function

Each mode has different power levels to offer you an eye massage session adapted to your desire of the moment!

Massage mask for the eyes: the benefits for beauty

By massaging the eye contour, the massaging eye mask acts directly on the quality of your skin, and can help you treat many skin problems linked to poor circulation or to skin aging. 

Thus, the eye massager is effective for:

  • Reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Restore radiance to the eyes
  • Boost collagen production
  • Look better
  • Relax the face

The Eye Massager is therefore your ally to keep your eyes looking rejuvenated and prevent or reduce the onset of signs of old age. 

It is well known that the eye area and face are the first places where wrinkles are visible and appear, due to age or stress.Having an eye massage mask at home, is guaranteed to boost your eyes, and keep them sparkling for many years! 

1 Answer

joëlle van den Kerckhove
joëlle van den Kerckhove

June 07, 2021


convaincue de ses bienfaits je voudrais savoir si le magnet relax 2020 agit également sur les poches ?


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