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Massage cushion: what are the benefits?

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Massage cushions have earned their place among the most effective massage devices in recent years. Small, comfortable, and ergonomic, they help treat muscle pain as well as a massage in an institute.What are the particularities of a massage cushion? What is a Shiatsu massage cushion? And what are the advantages of a massage cushion?Discover all the answers to your questions in this article! 😉

Coussin de Massage shiatsu

What is a massage cushion? 

A massage cushion is a massage device which comes in the form of a small cushion with curved shapes. Rotating massage balls are placed behind elastic braided fabric, and are activated when the device is plugged into an electrical outlet.  

The massage cushion is primarily designed to release blockages and muscular pain in the neck and cervical areas. Its curved shape is in fact specially designed to follow the line of the bottom of the skull, and allow the head and neck to adapt perfectly to the cushion. 

It is an effective therapeutic solution for muscle pain and stress, and above all the low-budget replacement solution for a massage session in an institute. 💆‍♂

What is a Shiatsu massage cushion?

Shiatsu is a traditional relaxation method originating from Japan. Shiatsu uses pressure from the fingers, but also from the palms, elbows, knees or even feet depending on the practitioner, on specific energy points located along the meridians.These pressures and their intensity make it possible to unblock the energy knots present in the body, to free the circulation of energy and fluids, and to relax the muscular knots. Massage methods such as kneading, vibrations or stretching can also be used depending on the patient's ailments. 

The Magnet-Zen Shiatsu Massage Cushion uses the same massage techniques as traditional Shiatsu massage to effectively relieve muscle tension. 

Four strategically placed massage balls target the most common blockage points, and provide pleasant and liberating massage movements. Not only are the muscles massaged so that they are more relaxed, but the massages carried out by the rotating balls providea feeling of general well-being and relaxation, thus helping to reduce stress effectively. 🙏

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the Magnet-Zen massage cushion can be used for all parts of the body, to provide a complete home Shiatsu session. 

What are the benefits of a massage cushion? 

Nowadays,sitting at a desk and using mobile phones makes neck and back pain unfortunately common for many people, that regardless of their age or pathologies. A vigorous massage such as Shiatsu massage effectively helps to relieve everyday pain, and to have a less tired and more relaxed body.

However, few have access to a professional masseur on a daily basis, or osteopathy or physiotherapy sessions.The advantage of the Magnet-Zen massage cushion is to have always at hand a device capable of relieving tension quickly. 👊

A massaging cushion is particularly effective for treating neck pain, cervical pain, and lower back pain.Think of your Magnet-Zen massage cushion as a low-budget and sustainable alternative to a massage in an institute: you can have a massage wherever you want and when you want! 💁‍♀

It is therefore strongly recommended for people suffering from frequent blockages and muscular tensions in the back and neck. In cases of scoliosis, it also helps relieve recurring pain. If you suffer from another more serious back problem, it is recommended to seek professional advice before using a massage cushion.

The heating technology of the Magnet-Zen massage cushion also helps relax muscle knots more deeply and achieve a deeper overall state of relaxation. 😴

Anti-stress, anti-pain cervical, lumbar and back, stimulating blood circulation and rebalancing the energetic harmony of the body, the Magnet-Zen massage cushion is therefore a device with multiple benefits. 

Coussin de Massage Shiatsu

How to use a massage cushion?

The Magnet-Zen massage cushion is used in voltage, plugged into a power outlet. A button activates the first mode, and simply press the button several times to cycle through the different functions.

The Magnet-Zen Massage Cushion has three massage functions:

  • The alternation function which alternates the direction of rotation of the massage balls for a deep and intensive massage on the areas to be treated
  • The heating function, which activates at the same time as the massage balls and diffuses gentle heat  for a massage that unwinds even more quickly muscle knots
  • The speed function, to choose the rotation speed of the massage balls,and adapt the moment of relaxation to your needs and your body shape!

1 Answer


June 07, 2021


J’ai souvent des contractures musculaires au niveau des lombaires. On vient de le prêter un appareil similaire que j’ai l’intention d’essayer avant un éventuel achat.
Ma question:
Est-ce que le matin, au lever du lit, ( plus fortes douleurs de le journée), l’utilisation de cet appareil est le plus efficace ?

Merci de men informer.
Claude VITI

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