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Tired eyes: symptoms and tips to remedy them

3 min read


Dry eyes, dark circles, heavy eyelids, blurred vision… So many symptoms that prove that your eyes are tired and need a well-of theerved rest! With screens becoming more and more present in our daily lives, the symptom of tired eyes is common. Fortunately for you, there are many natural and easy treatments to remedy this. 

Find out how to decongest your eyelids and find hydrated and healthy eyes!

What are the symptoms of tired eyes?

yeux fatigues symptomes

Do your eyes seem dry, red, and itchy? Look no further, here you have the first symptoms of tired eyes!

Caused by blue light from screens, lack of brightness, or wearing lenses too often on sensitive eyes, eyestrain is akin to everyday discomfort which, if left untreated, can lead to lasting vision problems. 😓

Here's how to recognize the symptoms of tired eyes:

  • Sensation of irritation and dryness
  • Red and watery eyes
  • Blurry or double vision
  • Headache 

Eye fatigue can have a direct impact on your concentration, vision and well-being. Also, here are all our tips for treating tired eyes naturally. 🤓

Massage as a solution to tired eyes

The eye massager, you know? This eye mask that looks like chunky glasses sits on your scalp to massage your congested temples and specific spots around your eyes. It allows you to rest your eyes, to rehydrate them, while enjoying a moment of relaxation at home.

How it works ?The Magnet-Relax Eye Massager is based on a technology that combines magnetic therapy and ocular reflexology to massage specific points around the eyes and stimulate the energy meridians. This rebalances the energy in the body and promotes blood circulation. 

Thanks to these two ancestral and natural medicines, the areas of the face treated are completely relaxed and the fluids can circulate again. Reduction of stress, treatment of headache, of the dizziness, eye rest: your face will come out relaxed and soothed from your eye massager session. 💗

Reduce dark circles with a daily massage 

Dark or visible dark circlesare also one of the main symptoms of tired eyes. Many creams exist to deal with it, but their effectiveness can largely depend on an individual to another. In treatments against dark circles, wrinkles, or even cellulite, the effectiveness of massage is no longer to be proven, and it remains a simple and natural solution to find less puffy and younger eyes. 💆‍♀

Masseur Oculaire Reduire Cernes

How it works ? Thanks to an innovative thermal function, the Magnet-Relax Eye Massager will stimulate blood circulation and boost collagen production.In a few sessions, the eyes appear younger and brighter, and your dark circles and wrinkles appear less hollow and pronounced. 

Not only is the massage around the eyes pleasant, but it also allows you to find a sparkling look that lasts!

Discover the Eye Massager to reduce dark circles

Other Simple Tips to Recover Tired Eyes

Tired eyes often happen in the evening, after a long day focused or behind screens. 


You can put in place a few rituals to rest your eyes and help with better recovery: 

  • Cut all screen for 1 hour. Give yourself a screen-free moment in the kitchen or in your garden to rest your eyes tired of blue light. 📱💻
  • On two large cotton pads, apply a cornflower floral lotion and press them gently on your closed eyes for a few minutes. The cornflower lotion will immediately give a pleasant feeling of freshness, and its natural properties will decongest your heavy or swollen eyelids, and tone your epidermis.
  • Wake, exercise your eyes to hydrate them naturally and stimulate them as soon as you wake up. Eyelids closed, gently roll your eyes in their sockets up and down then side to side to stimulate lymph circulation and gently wake your eyes. 

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