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Daily ailments

Comment faire passer une céphalée de tension

by Magnet Innov 3 min read

How to get over a tension headache?

How to treat a tension headache effectively? We reveal 2 natural ways to relieve headaches.
Magnétothérapie : y a-t-il des risques pour la santé ?

by Magnet Innov 3 min read

Magnetotherapy: are there health risks?

Find out how magnetic therapy is used and its many health benefits. Also benefit from the power of magnets directly at home.

Definition Massage Shiatsu

by Magnet Innov 3 min read

What is Shiatsu Massage?

Discover all the benefits of Japanese shiatsu massage, this finger pressure massage, and how to practice it at home!
Coussin de Massage quels avantages

by Magnet Innov 3 min read

Massage cushion: what are the benefits?

Discover all the benefits of the Massage Cushion, inspired by Shiatsu, to release muscle tension and reduce stress!

Insomnie : 4 remèdes naturels pour mieux dormir

by Magnet Innov 5 min read

Insomnia: 4 natural remedies for better sleep

Why is lack of sleep bad for your health, and how to fight insomnia? Discover 4 effective natural remedies for better sleep.
Comment traiter naturellement les vertiges ?

by Magnet Innov 3 min read

How to naturally treat vertigo?

Discover our tips for treating dizziness and vertigo in a natural and simple way, without taking medication.