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Eye massage

Eye massage is a treatment that consists of precisely massage the areas of the eye to provide relaxation and well-being. This method makes it possible to bring this organ of sight all the necessary attention, and above all to reward it for its work: they need it! Indeed, the eyes are the most sensitive to stress and emotions.

This act of care allows anyone experiencing visual discomfort to remedy it with a natural remedy : soothe eye fatigue, reduce eye strain, increase vision, ... The use of this method promotes skin stimulation which will wake up the nervous system and stimulate the flow of oxygen. In itself, eye massage is a beneficial gesture for the health of your eyes. Beyond a therapeutic technique, it is also a moment of relaxation. 

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What is the difference between a manual eye massage and with a device?

The eyes are very sensitive organs and are very dependent on the care that we lavish on them. Because of this, they need regular massage to stay healthy. There are two techniques for this: Eye massage by hand and eye massage with a device. These two techniques each have distinct advantages.

First of all, do-it-yourself eye massage is a simple movement to perform. You should know that the gestures do not require any particular practice. On the other hand, some basic products are necessary for its realization. The effects are present, but they are not as powerful as with a specialized device.

Then the eye massage mask is more effective than the manual technique. Indeed, it allows you to perform even deeper massages and have faster effects. For both techniques, to obtain long-term results, it is necessary to perform several sessions.

What are the benefits of eye massage?

The use of a relaxation mask is generally used to treat eye fatigue and insomnia. It helps relieve eye pain and reduce the feeling of fatigue. Thanks to delicate and regular massages, it allows the user to eliminate andsoothe all ailments related to the eye : migraines, allergies, red eyes, appearance of dark circles, puffiness, dry eyes, ...

Thus, regular care helps to avoid all these unpleasant pains. Finally, this treatment can be carried out at home. In this way, you enjoy a moment of relaxation.


How to choose your eye massager?

When choosing an eye massager, it is important to carefully select the model that is right for you. Each person has different issues. It is therefore necessary to know the specific characteristics of each product to appreciate all the virtues and determine which ones correspond to us.

Magnet Relax – The massaging eye mask

Le magnet relax massaging eye mask offers impressive features. Equipped with vibration sensors, it acts on specific painful areas around the eyes to relieve them and reduce the inconveniences: headaches, insomnia, itchy eyes,...

These multiples points d'acuponcture make it possible to accentuate these benefits, but also to perform on the improvement of the appearance and the quality of the skin around the eyes. Moreover, the combination of two techniques, the magnetic therapy and reflexology helps eliminate dark circles, reduce wrinkles, bring tone and vitality.

Finally, less expensive than the Magnet relax 2.0, it is equipped with 4 massage modes, they provide different effects which are highly appreciated.

  • The multi-frequency vibration mode helps stimulate microcirculation with different frequency levels on the targeted points;
  • The air pressure massage mode acts on fatigue and reduces painful sensations thanks to the pressure exerted on the acupuncture points;
  • The infrared mode works the blood circulation and allows its user to find a firm skin around the eyes;
  • The music mode to offer you a moment of complete well-being.

Magnet Relax 2.0 - Smart Eye Massager

Innovation is everywhere and the Magnet Relax 2.0 is part of. Similar to the massaging eye mask, it also offers smart functions adapted to every need. Fighting against daily discomfort, this eye massage device allows the user experiment with different functions while enjoying the profound benefits it provides.

To begin with, the intelligent vibration massage aims to relax you and immerse you in a state of well-being with vibrations in rhythm on specific points. Next, the advanced air pressure massage targets the acupuncture points around the eyes to soothe you. Also, the thermal heat massage will activate the blood circulation and increase the bonding to have a firmer skin. And finally the music function for a soothing touch to fully relax.

The different modes offered allow the user to have a session that corresponds to their current needs. Thus, he can choose between:

  • The automatic mode, it gathers all the functionalities of the device;
  • Vitality mode to eliminate headaches and eye fatigue;
  • Simple mode for just relaxing;
  • The beauty mode to act on dark circles and bags under the eyes;
  • Sleep mode to help you fall asleep;
  • Child mode, for toddlers bursting with energy to help them return to a state of calm and serenity.

What are the tips and contraindications related to eye massage mask?

It is advisable to use the eye mask at preventive title. For people suffering from pathology, it is preferable to consult the opinion of his doctor before using the device.

This precaution is necessary to avoid inconvenience or complications. For more comfort, it is strongly recommended to remove your glasses and contact lenses before starting the product. Thus, you fully enjoy your moment of relaxation!

Finally, with regard to use, it is advisable to respect the rules of hygiene and cleanliness in force for cleaning the device.

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